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Xcel Environmental Service Fees

Xcel Environmental Northern Rivers will help reduce the likelihood of:

  • Exposure of asbestos for residents, workers or others in the home/workplace during demolition or refurbishment work by providing a Pre Demolition/Refurbishment Asbestos or Hazmat Survey identifying all accessible areas where asbestos or other hazardous building materials are located;

  • Exposure of respirable asbestos fibres by providing Asbestos Air Monitoring during removal works if required or recommended and provide a clearance certificate on completion of the asbestos removal work to ensure the area where the asbestos was removed is clear and safe for reoccupation/reuse of the areas.

  • Expensive cost variations, for example by minimising the likelihood of identifying asbestos unexpectedly during demolition or refurbishment works;

  • Exceeding your budget, for example by reducing the need for specific measures to reduce exposures to asbestos because the test results for samples of materials previously assumed to be asbestos indicate that there is no asbestos present;

Xcel can also help ensure:

  • PCBU's or Home Owners meet WHS and Legislative requirements by providing comprehensive and detailed reports in managing Asbestos and other Hazardous Building Materials either by recommendations for the ongoing management or removal;

  • PCBU's or Home Owners meet Council requirements prior to DA or CC of the property by providing comprehensive and detailed reports in managing the Asbestos or Hazardous Building Materials prior to redevelopment.

The Costs involved in Asbestos/Hazmat Removal and Management varies greatly depending on the size, scope and location of the service required. The following prices are for services rendered in the Byron Shire and Surrounds and are for Residential and Commercial Properties only (GST Inclusive):


  • Visual Asbestos Clearance Certificates - Priced from $330 

  • Asbestos Air Monitoring (day rate/4 x pumps) - Priced from $495

  • Residential Pre Purchase Asbestos Surveys - Priced from $660

  • Residential Pre Demolition/Refurbishment Asbestos Survey - Priced from $795

  • Residential Pre Demolition Hazardous Materials Survey - Priced from $895

  • Commercial Asbestos Registers and Asbestos Management Plans - Priced from $995

Xcel Environmental Northern Rivers can test for a wide range of contaminants performed by our partnered NATA accredited laboratories. When selecting a testing service Xcel can help you:

  • Identify what type of contaminate is present thus giving you information on how to safely manage the contaminant in the future;

  • Reduce costs of a renovation or refurbishment by confirming whether a material contains asbestos or other hazardous building material thus avoiding expensive removal costs.

  • Identify contaminants prior to demolition ensuring workers, employers and people are made aware and also advise on safely managing the contaminate prior/during to the demolition

  • Monitor a hazardous building material such as asbestos, lead paint or synthetic mineral fibres during removal or refurbishment works ensuring respirable fibres a below the industry standard and meet legislative requirements.

  • Asbestos and SMF's testing - Priced from $110 per sample 

  • Asbestos in soil - Priced from $125 per sample

  • Lead paint or dust - Priced from $88 per sample 


(All pricing Inclusive of GST)

​Please contact Xcel Environmental Northern Rivers for more information or for a quote on a specialised ASBESTOS service that you require.

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