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Asbestos Corrugated Roof

Asbestos Consulting Services Northern Rivers

Xcel Environmental Northern Rivers provides Asbestos services that meet legislative requirements, follow current standard industry practices and will identify potential ACM's, confirm the presence or absence of asbestos and then provide you with detailed, easy to read reports with recommendations for the safe management or complete removal of the suspect material. 

Asbestos Registers | Asbestos Management Plans for Strata and Commercial Property

Insurance Assessments for Fire Damaged Property

Insurance Assessments for Storm Damaged Property

Asbestos Clearance Certificates | Asbestos Make Safe Certificates | Enclosure Smoke Test Certification | Loose Fill Asbestos Inspections | Plant & Equipment Inspection

Asbestos Surveys | 

            Pre Purchase Asbestos                  Inspections |

            Pre Sale Asbestos                            Inspections 

Asbestos Air Monitoring | Exposure Monitoring | Asbestos Bulk Sampling | Asbestos Soil Sampling

Other Asbestos related services include Make Safes after a Fire | Asbestos Labelling | Scope of Works Report | Asbestos In Soil Investigations


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