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Lead Paint

Hazmat Consulting Services Northern Rivers

Xcel Environmental Northern Rivers offer a wide range of Hazardous Building Materials Services to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to refurbish, demolish or just want to know if your property contains hazardous building materials Xcel can ensure materials are correctly identified with recommendations for their safe management or complete removal.

Hazmat Services 

Residential Hazmat Survey |

Commercial Hazmat Survey |

Hazmat Registers |

Hazmat Management Plans | 

Hazmat Testing 

Asbestos Testing | Lead Paint & Dust Testing | SMF's Testing 

Lead Services

Lead Surveys | Lead Paint Removal | Lead Clearance | Lead Air Monitoring | Lead Paint Manangement | Lead in Soil | Lead in Dust

Cladestine Lab Services

Cladestine Lab Investigation | Cladestine Lab RAP's |

Cladestine Lab Testing | Cladestine Lab Clearance 

SMF's Services

Synthetic Mineral Fibre Removal | SMF Air Monitoring | SMF Management


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