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NATA Accredited Testing Northern Rivers

Xcel Environmental Northern Rivers offer a wide range of asbestos and environmental testing options. We offer a range of turnaround times to meet your needs whether you need the test result back same day or in a week Xcel will deliver you the result that you require. 

Asbestos Testing 

Asbestos Identification | Asbestos in Soils ID | Asbestos in Soils (NEPM) | Asbestos Containing Dust Sampling

Biological Testing 

Mould Testing | Indoor Air Quality Testing | ERMI | HERTSMI | Bacteria 

Hazardous Materials Testing 

Synthetic Mineral Fibres |

Lead Based Paint | Lead in Soils |Lead in Dust | Other Heavy Metals | PCBs

Cladestine Lab testing 

Environmental Testing

ENM Testing | VENM Testing | 

Acid Sulfate Soils | Pesticides | PFAS | PH | TCLP | PAH's 


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